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    What is this course about?

    You have amazing dreams:
    • of turning your hobby into a business,
    • of traveling to exciting destinations,
    • of writing a book,
    • of singing or dancing on stage,
    • of learning a new language or instrument.

    Whatever your dreams, they can become achievable goals by taking significant action steps.

    This workbook will teach you how to break down those goals into action steps and call you to complete those steps as you move closer and closer to your dreams turned goals.

    Meet the Coach

    Dreams are often never achieved because they never become goals. There are too many obstacles to overcome including how to get started.

    Goals are simply dreams with an action plan. When you can break down the steps to achieving the goals, your dreams can come true.

    My strength lies in helping you overcome the obstacles and setting a plan of action to move forward.

    -Suzanne, Life Management Coach

    This course is closed for enrollment.