What is this course about?

When you find yourself constantly stating that you don’t have time:
  • for yourself
  • for your hobbies
  • for a girls/guys night out
  • for a vacation
you need to ask yourself four questions.

These questions will help you focus on what time you really do have available to achieve your goals.

Too often we get caught up in "all the things" that need to be done that we forget we have the power to design a schedule that works for us and our goals. We forget that we can re-prioritize at any time and make space for the things that are truly important to us.

Meet the Coach

New entrepreneurs often run into a myriad of obstacles to launching their new business ideas even before putting pen to paper.

Some of these obstacles are external and need tools and expertise to overcome, like marketing or design tools. Some obstacles are internal, like self doubt or time management.

My strength lies in helping you overcome the internal obstacles.

-Suzanne, Life Management Coach

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